An Algorithm for News Curation


Arabic news industry on the Internet has been suffering from the spread of false news and defamation hindering the credibility of Internet news as the source of free press and speech.

An algorithm and design method was developed to allow online readers to make the distinction between false and accurate content based on popular opinion.

Zonbarak ( is a web application to curate Arabic content by users with maximum anonymity and freedom.  With just a username and a password (no email required), users can post links, write ideas in text, or comment with full anonymity and sense of security to express their opinions. When other users read posts, they can up-vote or down-vote any post or comment.  Posts with higher votes are shown first and with lower votes gets pulled down.

Similar to, when a user receives votes on his posts, they receive Karma points.  An up-vote adds one Karma point, and a down-vote subtracts one Karma point from the post’s user.  Karma points gives users credibility on Zonbarak and gives access to more functions giving an incentive to participate in posting.

Zonbarak is unique with its rank count for posts. When a user votes on a post, it also adds or subtracts user’s karma points to each post’s rank count.  This way, user’s with higher Karma have more influence with their votes than user’s with lower Karma.
With this model, Zonbarak can curate more relevant content from the internet without filter or censoring.  It also circumvents comment filtration by news sites giving a more accurate public opinion on content.

You can access Zonbarak on