Self Development for Entrepreneurs


Success in business is a long journey of self development.  Engage with Michael Tubbeh as he works closely with you to eliminate deepest blocks to success. Short and long-term growth work together, setting measurable and accountable goals is key to moving forward and achieve professional and personal success.

Specificity and the elimination of intrinsic limiting beliefs are crucial for measuring progress which ultimately increases chances for getting to the desired finish line.  Establish objectives with brainstorming sessions, get motivated, avoid obstructive variables, and raise chances needed to win the race.

Michael worked with the United Nations and multinational corporations for 15 years and has long experience with focus on the Middle East. His true passion is working with people, breaking false senses of realities to obtain better and desired outcomes.  He is trained by Harvard Professor Martha Back who is considered one of America’s best Life Coaches in the world – her clients include Oprah Winfrey and Barak Obama.

Michael has a Life Coaching Certificate from Martha Back and is a candidate for an M.S in Mental Health Psychology from the University of Liverpool.

Send a hello message and get to know Michael on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or by phone +351.939105315