Quantifying Sport Games


Late 2012, Hani Qassim and Badi Tal decided to focus on the football industry in Jordan.  Jordan has been long involved in international competitions in football, yet the methods to improve the team play has not changed with the new computerized equipment available today.

Starting out as a media company, Hani and Badi created an online magazine to document football matches.  With low resources in hand, they started writing detailed analysis of each game following one of the premier local clubs: Faisaly FC.  Articles written got attention with its deep analysis and professional photography unprecedented in Jordan before.  However, Hani noticed a need to quantify football games and draw factual conclusions that can assist in coaches in training and developing strategy.

With only visual contact for each game, either by attending the games or through satellite television, Hani developed a way to capture performance using only an iPad and pressing on buttons by hand.  With two primary buttons for passes between players are captured along with their timing sequence and other minor buttons.  Sufficient data were collected, tabulated in data structures, and analyzed on the computer and using formulas that Hani has developed.

Using this method, they have developed full reports on team performance after each game.  The reports became widely used between team coaches and Jordan Football Association.  The reports were used in Jordan's matches that was the closest in the country's history for world qualifications.

You can download a sample report for the Jordan national team game with Bahrain here:

Jordan vs Bahrain Report, January 4th 2014